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Year 9 Spanish trip

After an early meeting time of 7'o'clock at Heathrow airport we were ready for the short flight to Madrid. We arrived in Madrid and were driven over to the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu - the home of Real Madrid football team. The views were incredible and there was hardly anybody else at the stadium. We visited the museum and saw the club's trophies and locker rooms and even stood on the pitch. The views from the top of the stadium were very impressive.

We left to get on the coach which would take us on to the Gredos Centre. The next morning we woke to a breakfast of fruit, cereal, eggs and hot chocolate setting us up nicely for the day. Then the activities started just after our morning Spanish lesson; one group went mounting biking through the Spanish tow paths and country side roads. An other stayed slightly warmer as they made omelettes with the chefs at the centre.

After lunch there was an orienteering treasure hunt around the nearby town; they also learnt to play the Spanish card game of Los Seises. After all this activity there was some downtime as we winded down for the evening.

After a good night's sleep we headed off to Salamanca on the coach. Before we went and visited any of the historical sights we were allowed to do some shopping on Calle Toro and Calle Zamora. We regrouped and then talked to some locals in order to complete the questionnaire on the surrounding area and the square we were in. We also visited the Casa De Las Conchas which has since been renovated into the city's main library; as well as this we saw the Universidad and climbed the cathedral of Salamanca. Shortly after we exited the cathedral we were greeted by the sound of music and were surprised to see a performance by La Tuna Universitaria de Salamanca. Originally these students performed to earn money and food, but now they do it to keep the tradition alive.

We soon headed back to the centre for an action-packed day of more activities in and around the centre the next day. The second to last day combined a nature walk along with the activities the groups had not yet completed, such as a tree top walk and archery. Later that night there was a talent show with some very enthusiastic performances.

The next day we were heading to Avila. The morning was a rush of packing, breakfast and checking the rooms several times over. In Avila we walked round the city walls - the views from the top of the walls were amazing as you could see fields and grassland stretching endless around the city. We had some free time and then headed to the airport in Madrid for our flight home.

A very big thanks to all of the teachers who organised and helped out on the trip.

Ben Frost (year 9)

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