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Year 10 Art trip

On Wednesday 19th September, year 10 Art pupils visited the Tate Britain gallery. The trip encouraged pupils to expand their knowledge of the current GCSE topic 'Distort, Alter, Transform' by exploring the permanent collection and the temporary exhibition, ‘Aftermath: Art in the Wake of World War One’.

Pupils drew a range of artworks in their sketchbooks, responding individually to different paintings, sculptures and drawings. Pupils will go on to use their research as sources to inspire further work and ideas. Particularly inspiring for the group was Ernst Barlach’s large scale sculpture of a levitating angel, The Floating One, which is with us today only because Barlach preserved the original mould; the first sculpture was melted down by the Nazis in 1937. Pupils also enjoyed Anthea Hamilton’s solo performer dressed in a squash-like costume - an unusual adjunct to the more traditional works on display.

The trip was a huge success, and was made even more so by the appearance of the poet Michael Rosen who was kind enough to pose for a group selfie with pupils. The trip helped the year 10 Art group broaden their understanding of art history and to learn more about the Tate collection.

Miss MacMillan (Head of Art)