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Welcome to Mr Kothakota

There’s a new face in school: this term we have been joined by Mr Kothakota in the role of deputy head: pastoral, formerly head of year at Hampton School. Find out more from Mr Kothakota himself…

What did your previous role involve?

At Hampton, I was head of year 10/11 overseeing pupils through their GCSE years. I was also a Drama and mindfulness teacher and took on the role of rugby coach to various different teams during my time.

What did you like about Emanuel?

I was attracted to Emanuel’s strong emphasis on the creative arts, which ties in with my passions; in fact, I saw the Emanuel Theatre Company perform at Edinburgh Fringe Festival last summer!

Every time I have visited here, I have found everyone to be so friendly and welcoming, and all of the pupils and staff have been very nice.

What will your role as deputy head (pastoral) involve?

I’ll be building on the great pastoral care that’s already established here. There’s a reason the pupils at Emanuel are so nice and respect each other; having spoken to some pupils already, it seems that, overwhelmingly, they love this school, and I want to make sure that continues. I also hope to support our pupils with the contemporary challenges they face and to equip them with the resilience and strength to go on to achieve great things in the world.

Where can we expect to find you at Emanuel?

Alongside my role, I’ll be teaching drama to pupils in the Lower and Middle School (I saw the Year 10 exam performances on Monday) and helping out with senior rugby. I’m keen to see as much of the school as possible, so you’ll find me at many events and matches over the coming weeks and months.

What advice would you give to our pupils about wellbeing?

Come and speak to us! We want to be approachable, and we want you (as pupils) to chat to us and share whatever is going in your life; we want hear about and celebrate your successes and help you overcome any challenges so you can fulfil your potential. The positive relationship between pupils and teachers here at Emanuel is absolutely key.