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WasteLESS Week

Last week the catering department and the Eco Group teamed up for another very successful WasteLESS Week. 

We asked everyone to consider what food they were taking and to make sure they only took what they could eat so that there was no plate food waste. This was met with unprecedented levels of enthusiasm from the lower school pupils who rose to the challenge by asking for a portion of food that they knew they could eat. 

During the week we had help from four sixth form girls who monitored the pupils' plates and awarded stickers for every clean plate presented to them. By the end of the week the plate food waste had dropped from an average of 260 kilograms per week to 124 kilograms, a reduction of 52%. 

On Monday and Tuesday I collected the stickers cards from over 250 lower school pupils, 142 of whom had collected all five stickers. We awarded a free cookie and mini candy canes for three or four stickers, and for five stickers we are holding a prize draw for some tuck shop and queue skip vouchers. Winners to be announced soon.

Let’s keep eating everything to reduce plate food waste permanently.

Mrs Street (Catering Manager)