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The ‘Six Book Challenge’ takes off!

We were delighted at the healthy turnout for the first 'Trinity School Book Award' of the year last week, which we have re-branded slightly and are calling the ‘Six Book Challenge’. This activity is open to all pupils in Years 6-8 and needs to be completed by January, so it is not too late for new children to get involved.

After the Six Book Challenge has been completed we hope that many of these pupils will join our Academic Scholars in entering the wider 'Trinity School Book Award' competition which involves over 25 schools and a chance to meet some of the authors on the short-list at Caterham School next March.

For more information contact Mr Jones in the library or Mr Healy in the English Department. If your child is doing the Six Book Challenge but was not at last week’s meeting please make sure Mr Jones or Healy knows.

Here is a reminder of the books on the Six Book Challenge short-list:

Witchborn by Nicholas Bowling (tale of witchcraft and mystery,set in the period of Elizabeth I)

Ink by Alice Broadway (dystopian thriller about a society culturally based around tattooing)

The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge (supernatural thriller about a tree with mysterious powers)

I am Thunder by Mohammad Khan (contemporary drama dealing with extremism in a secondary school)

The boy Who Lied by Kim Slater (memory loss and the disappearance of a child make a great thriller)

Auslander by Paul Dowswell (a Jewish boy hides his identify in Nazi Germany)

Mr Jones (Senior Librarian and Archivist)