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Thank you to the Old Emanuel Bursary Trust

New 3D printers in the DT department

We wish to thank all contributors to the Old Emanuel Bursary Trust for their recent generous donations. The Trust has provided for the purchase of three 3D printers which will benefit the whole school. They have also funded spectral tubes, a set of cloud chambers, a Wimshurst generator and a digital microscope for the Science department and an annual subscription to MASSOLIT, provider of curriculum-linked lectures in English Literature, History, Philosophy and Classics for GCSEs and A level students.

The Trust, set up in 2004 to benefit students in education and sport, has recently been closed and all funds allocated to exciting new equipment for the school.

The Design Technology department reports that the 3D printers, combined with new industry standard CAD software, have already totally revolutionised the teaching and delivery of our exam and KS3 courses.

We are now incorporating our computer modelling and 3D printing technologies into all courses from year 7 upwards and the pupils are really benefiting from having access to this incredible resource. Exam groups are already using the technology in their coursework projects and this has raised the standard of their work in a very short space of time.