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Updated: Dec 14, 2018

This year's junior production, John Godber's comedy Teechers, was performed last week for three nights in the Fiennes Theatre to sold-out audiences.

The play follows the story of naughty teenagers who, at the end of the school year, put on a play where they become their own teachers. Gail (Alice M), Hobby (Clea T), Salty (George D), Alice (Vanessa G) and Zoe (Ella S), supported by a cast of 28 other pupils, portrayed the story of new Drama teacher Mr Nixon (Aron J) as he completes a chaotic probationary year in teaching.

The cast excelled themselves, impressing audiences who were hugely captivated by the quick-paced and hilariously exaggerated characters we came to know and love through the course of the play.

Year 11 pupils Miranda, Ethan and Rudi were brilliant assistant directors and were well-supported by the technical team of Jacob and Oscar. Thank you, too, to all of the Drama staff who gave up their time and worked so hard to create this fantastic performance - and, of course, to the wonderful audiences, whose laughter and joy brought the production to life.

Miss Fearnley (Head of Drama)