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Summer trip to India

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

This summer, 18 Emanuel students travelled to India for three weeks for what can only be described as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Having spent the last year fundraising for our two partnership schools in India it was incredible to see firsthand where the money goes.

The staff and pupils greeted us with such warm hospitality and for the entire duration of the trip we felt like we belonged. The teaching was a fantastic experience and all of the pupils on the trip have gained a new-found appreciation for what our teachers at Emanuel do for us! It was an incredibly humbling experience, as the children at both of the schools were so eager to learn and valued their education so highly.

We formed bonds with some of the children that meant that it proved to be a bittersweet goodbye, but this was eased by the fantastic last evening we had together. Over the course of the trip we taught some of the students the song ‘ABC’ and, in turn, we learnt a local song and dance that we performed together at the ‘Thanksgiving’ ceremony on the final night.

One of the highlights was a football tournament between Sri Jayendra (one of the partnership schools), St Xavier’s (a local school) and Emanuel. Unlike England a few weeks before, Emanuel were able to bring football home and emerged victorious with a trophy to show for it!

It was a fantastic trip and an experience that we will never forget. We cannot thank the staff who accompanied us enough – Mr Healy, Miss Tendler and a special mention to Miss Moore, who was trip leader, and Reverend Hunt, who initially started this partnership.

As the headmistress of Sri Jayendra said to us, the partnership between Emanuel and these schools continues to grow year on year and we were yet another group of students who got to experience this incredible blossoming relationship.

Sasha (upper sixth)