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Spring term swimming

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Wednesday 30th January v Wimbledon College

This year Emanuel are competing a quadrangular tournament where they will compete against Ibstock place, Wimbledon College/Wimbledon High and Latymer Upper.

On Wednesday, January 30th, the year 6-10 boys started the tournament at Wimbledon College. The first race saw Edgar (Year 8) and Dom Gastldello (Year 10) finishing first in backstroke. A big mention goes to Isaac Macallan (Year 7) who swam in the year 9 group for the tournament and did Emanuel School proud during the event.

Events followed suit with breast, fly and crawl and everyone put in a great effort. There were a number of close finishes with Charlie (Year 8) finishing second in breast, Miles Rowbottom (Year 8) finishing second in fly and Victor (Year 7) finishing first in crawl.

Individual medley was next up and each year group picked one boy to compete. Victor (Year 7), Charlie (Year 8), Ben (Year 9) and Adrian (Year 10) all finished a respectable third in a tightly contestable race.

100 metre relay followed with Year 7 finishing fourth, Year 9 finishing third, and Year 10 finishing third. A special mention is needed for the year 8 team who finished first in their 100m relay, where only two seconds separated first and second place.

The last event was the 100m freestyle relay. Each team raced and gave it everything knowing it was the last event of the day. Year 7 finished fourth, and Years 9 and 10 finished third. Yet again the Year 8 team took home first place. It was another tight finish which saw Fred's fingers tips touch the wall just before the Wimbledon College swimmer.

After all the events had taken place the results were calculated and everyone was given a position on the table. Fourth place was Latymer Upper, Ibstock Place was in third, Emanuel School came in second and Wimbledon College finished the day in first.

A special mention to Sebastian (Year 6) who was the only Year 6 at the Gala and who swam for the year above. He never gave up and in one of his races finished a respectable third.

A great start and result for Emanuel School. We look forward to going to Wimbledon High for the second leg of the tournament with an all-girls team.

Mr Leigh

Wednesday 6th February v Wimbledon High School (Girls)

February 6th saw Emanuel Girls step up for the second leg of the quadrangular tournament. Emanuel School would race Ibstock Place, Latymer Upper and Wimbledon High.

The evening started off strong with the 100m Individual IM. Four girls participated in this for each age group: Annabelle (Year 7), Isabelle (Year 8), Emma (Year 9) and Teddy (Year 10). Huge effort from each of the girls saw three of them finishing a respectable fourth place, but Teddy seized first place with an amazing time of 1:14.

Backstroke followed with Poppy (Year 7) and Isabelle (Year 8) swimming extremely well. Sveva in (Year 9) came in second place - but a special mention to Lucy who came in first place in a highly contested swim.

Breaststroke up next and yet again the girls put in so much effort and did the school really proud. Emma (Year 7), Amelia (Year 8) and Isla (Year 9) all finished a respectable fourth. But yet again, Teddy (Year 10) swum extremely well and finished the race with first place.

Fly, the hardest of all strokes, was up next. Annabel (Year 7) who came fourth; Anna (Year 6, but swam in the Year 8 race) came second; Ice (Year 8 but swam in the Year 9 race) came third and Lucie (Year 9 but swam in the Year 10 race) finished off fourth. They all swam superbly well, showing that by even going up a year group or two they can still compete.

Last individual event of the day was freestyle. Anna (Year 7), Lily (Year 8), Emma (Year 8 but swam in the Year 10 race) and Maddie (Year 9 but swam in the Year 10 race) all finished third and pushed our points tally right up.

The medley race was up next, with Year 7 coming in with fourth place; Year 8 took third and Year 9 took second. The Year 10 race was so close with a photo finish at the end showing that Ibstock Place and Wimbledon High swimmers' fingertips touched the end wall just before Emanuel. It was a third place finish but great swimming all round.

The last race of the day was the freestyle relay, with the girls not giving up yet: there was a fourth place finished from year 7; 3rd place from Year 8 and 3rd place from Year 10. The Year 9 race was just as close as the medley; the fingertip finish was now in our favour as Emanuel secured the second place finish they had been hoping for.

It was a great evening all round. Up next is a mixed gala for Year 7 boys and girls to Year 8 boys and girls over at Latymer Upper.

Mr Leigh

Wednesday 6th March v Latymer Upper

March 6th saw Emanuel School compete in the first mixed gala race. The afternoon started off with IM (individual medley). Victor (Year 7) and Anna (Year 7) swum superbly well with Anna taking first place. Charlie (Year 8) and Lucy (Year 7) competed in the year 8 race with Charlie finishing second and Lucy first.

Backstroke followed with Alex (Year 7) taking third place; Anna (Year 7) taking second place and Edgar and Lucy taking first place for Year 8.

The breaststroke was up next: Hugo and Emma from Year 7 took fourth and third place respectively, with Charlie and Amelia both clinching second place.

It was fly next: the hardest of individual strokes. Isabelle and Victor both took in a respectable third place with Miles and Ice taking second place. Ice just missed out on first place with a photo finish.

The last of the individual events was freestyle. Isaac and Poppy both raced really well and took second and third place respectively. Fred and Chloe put in every ounce of effort and were both awarded with second place.

Medley relays followed with the Year 7 boys and girls, and the Year 8 girls, all taking third place. However, the pick of the bunch was the Year 8 boys: Fred (Crawl), Miles (Fly), Robb (Breast) and Edgar (Back) finished the race in first place. A MASSIVE well done to them.

The last race was freestyle relay. This time the Year 7 boys took it to the finish for second place with the Year 7 girls taking the third spot. The Year 8 girls then took second place and again the Year 8 boys took first place. It was a great swim from all age groups.

Mr Leigh

Wednesday 13th March v Latymer Upper

March 13th saw the last part of the quadrangular tournament hosted at Emanuel School. It was a chance for the older year group to secure some points for Emanuel in the leader board.

The afternoon started with everyone racing extremely hard; Emanuel managed to secure second place in the Year 10 girl’s race with Teddy. Backstroke was next, with Dominic (Year 10) securing his second win (his first was at Wimbledon College in January) in a very impressive time with a comfortable finish.

In the breastroke competition, Amelia and Teddy took second and first place respectively. Amelia is in Year 8, so swimming up an age group and coming second is a fantastic achievement for both her and the school.

Up next was the fly - with each pupil finishing in third place. Well done to the girls and boys who swam fly on the day.

The last individual stroke was freestyle, with a great effort for all the boys and girls once again coming in at third place. This was followed by the medley relay and freestyle relay; the Year 10 girls swam so well with a finish of second place that a fingertip photo finish was required.

Well done to the 50+ pupils who represented the school in the tournament.

Mr Leigh