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Religious Studies trip to Bhaktivedanta Manor

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

On 19th June, Year 6 went on an RS trip to Bhaktivedanta Manor, the Hare Krishna Hindu temple near Watford. The temple site was full of greenery. First we went to George Harrison’s memorial garden, with elegant wildlife and a place you could sit for hours. George, who was a famous member of the Beatles, donated the mock Tudor country house to the Hare Krishna movement. There were many quotes laid perfectly in the garden from Beatles songs, for example, ‘Your love and nothing more’ and ‘awaken and see.’ The lyrics relate to the eight stages of love for God and the eight couplets of the Hare Krishna mantra. We went on a cart ride pulled by oxen and some of us fed them, part of the Cow Protection Centre. Back in the centre we heard about the different gods, dressed up in traditional Indian clothes, explored objects used in worship and visited the shrine at a time of worship. We had a vegetarian lunch at the temple and in the afternoon tried some Indian dancing. Every flow of movement told a story. As a Buddhist, Tomoki realised similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism: the chant was like the Buddhist Sutra, incense was burned and the statues were similar to those of the Buddha. The major difference was the flowers offered to the murti which Buddhism does not have. Everyone had an enjoyable time.

Tomoki, Poppy, Hannah and Nicholas (year 6)