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Outstanding effort in the middle school

In today's middle school assemblies, individual pupils from year 9, 10 and 11 received a certificate in recognition of outstanding effort and endeavour in the first half of the autumn term (above, left to right: year 11, year 9, year 10).

Massive congratulations to the following middle school pupils, who have worked incredibly hard so far this academic year:

Year 9

Conor Ford-Robertson

Beatrice Cellan Jones

Oliver Albel Stevenson

Emily Howcroft

William Morgon

Year 10

Indigo Beauchamp

Lucy Evans

Madison Kitchen

Shahaan Bajwa

Jasmine Ludlow

Georgina Clarke

Year 11

Niccolo D’Agostino

Amy Gordon

Fredrik Laughton

Sophie Le Gouellec De Schwarz

Luke Northwood

Leo Richards