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New digital microscope

Thanks to the kind generosity of the Old Emanuel Bursary Trust, the Science department has been able to purchase a new digital microscope.

This is a sight to behold, offering up to 1000x magnification, image capture and projection onto our interactive whiteboards. Lower school pupils were the first to have a go, and needless to say, they were very impressed!

"I got to use a microscope to look at some insect wings and body parts. It was really interesting to see the tiny details on the body parts, for example the steak-like look to the insect's head and eyes."

- Jake

"Using the microscope was really fun! We got to see things 1000x their normal size!"

- Harry

"The different samples we looked at amazed us with the amount of detail. For instance, a mosquito's mouth had bits that appeared to be made up of tiny hexagons."

- Joseph

The Old Emanuel Bursary Trust also recently provided for the purchase of three 3D printers, which have proved to be particularly beneficial to the Design Technology department. Click here to find out more.