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Netball in Barbados

During our amazing time in Barbados, we stayed in the All Seasons Resort. On our first day we unpacked, got settled in and got ready for the days ahead. On the second day of our tour we went on a 4x4 Jeep Safari tour. We were shown multiple beautiful views and had our own private roller coaster ride when we went off-road. It was with great excitement but some trepidation that we started our first netball session in Barbados with a local netball coach teaching us new skills and helping to strengthen our existing techniques.

After the netball session we returned home for dinner at Just Grill Inn. On day three of the tour we all went to a local school to play a match against Springers. As it was our first match in Barbados we didn’t know what to expect. It was a close game and we only won with one or two more goals than Springers across all the four teams; the overall score was three wins and one draw. After the game, we went for dinner at Harbour Lights. Everyone, even the teachers, got up on the dance floor and listened to the live music.

The next day was our first early morning training. Getting up so early came as a big shock to all of us but by the time we had done our warm up, we were energetic and eager to get started. Later that day we had a match against North Stars - a surprising match for us as there was a range of age groups in each team, from 10-18 years old. Due to this our coaches mixed up the positions in the team, which we all enjoyed, and it was great to learn more about each position. Despite the U15A playing against seniors, all four of our teams won. After the match against North Stars we headed straight out to the Surf Side Restaurant.

The next day was probably one of our most favourite days, spent at Boat Yard Adventure Beach.

Our next netball day was Thursday 18th. We had netball training in the morning and, later, a match against Unity Stars. As we went onto the pitch it started to rain heavily; it stopped by the time we started playing but the court was slippery. Despite it being a very hard match, it was a good learning experience. The final score was three loses and one win. 

On Friday we had another training session, but much to our dismay it was cancelled due to the rain! (Although I think even the teachers enjoyed not having to coach us netball in the pouring rain at 7 o’clock in the morning...) Our last match was our hardest and, ironically, it was against Clapham Blitz! We were all upset for this match to be our last as we knew our amazing Barbados netball tour was coming to an end, so we were even more determined to give it our all. It was a great match to end on as the final score was three wins and only one loss.

Overall we had eleven wins, one draw, four loses and an experience that we will never forget. A huge thanks to our amazing teachers for all your support and helping to make this trip so memorable.

Rosie (9KZM) and Scarlett (10NPG)