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Netball Awards

Last Friday was the 2019 Annual Netball Awards - a celebration of all the netball throughout the school. The captains had done an excellent job, putting some great highlight videos together, writing and presenting their speech to over 200 students and parents. Students told stories about their team’s best moments and thanked their coaches and their team mates.

The girls showed how much netball means to them - particularly senior captains Catherine Walker and Bessie Curry, who spoke so fondly about their time playing netball at Emanuel and the importance of the friendships they have made throughout it. I don’t think there were many dry eyes in the house after that.

A big well done to all the nominees and winners.

Most improved

U11: Sarah Daley

U12A: Annie Kendell

U12B: Maddy Notley

U12C: Emina Klico

U12D: Rosie Mill

U13A: Chloe Martin

U13B: Millie Tier

U13C: Jess Rohrs

U14A: Madeleine Powell

U14B: Sveva Savi

U14C: Selina Douglas-Home

U15A: Sofia Winters

U15B: Holly Richardson

U15C: Martina Ferrario

3rd VII: Emily Bell

2nd VII: Zara Hooley

1st VII: Milly Yates

Most valuable

U11: Daisy Perry

U12A: Freya Doyle

U12B: Scarlett Ludlow

U12C: Hannah Paterson

U12D: Hannah Frank

U13A: Meg Radford

U13B: Jemima Kwiecinski

U13C: Caitlin Morgan

U14A: Lucy Talor

U14B: Sofia Stavri

U14C: Ana Chalmers

U15A: Libby Almeida

U15B: Tara Bartlett

U15C: Miffy Heanly

3rd VII: Robyn Dibden

2nd VII: Eva Yates

1st VII: Ibs Laughton, Catherine Walker and Bessie Curry


U12A: Tabi Hollywood

U12B: Fleur Hinchcliffe

U12C: Anna Ayres

U12D: Daniella Dixon

Miss Yeomans (Head of Netball)