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Music reunion

The music reunion last Saturday was fabulous, with almost 50 alumni in attendance. Above is a video of a number of the guests singing the anthem “Let All Mortal Flesh” which has been regularly sung at Emanuel for many years. This particular arrangement is by Mr Donald Cashmore, who taught Music at Emanuel before Mr Christian Strover (who is conducting).

We absolutely love seeing so many OEs from across the generations singing together in the chapel, a few sitting in the same spot they occupied as pupils! The majority of the participants are listed below:

On the left and in no particular order: Tom Cuff-Burnett, Eddie Elliott, Bill Hetherington, Matthew Woolley, Adrian Smith, Thomas Smith, Will Moult, Polly Aitman, Christine Lankaster, Maude Wolstenholme, Nevada Summerley, Becky Martin, Adam Were, Hannah Cox, Jonathan Holmes, Anthony Thorgood, Elonara Moody, Laura Holmes, Meera Shaunak, Paul Tan and Rufus Stillgoe.

On the right and also in no order: Caitlin Airlie, Anna McLachlan, Taggy Elliott, Sarah Holmes, Ewan Day Collins, Jamie Haywood, Toby Nelson, Mark Turner, David Stapley, Jamie Stapley, Alex Fuller, Gawain Moody, Andrew Hetherington, Charlie Barty King, George Wolstenholme and Nigel Ransom.

If you know who else is in the film but has not been mentioned, please contact

Simon Gregory was delighted with how the event went, and we’re sure Jonathan Holmes, Sarah Holmes and Christian Strover were equally enthused to be back in the department they spent many years in.

Tony Jones (Senior Librarian and Archivist)