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Mental Health: The Big Picture (OE talk)

Last night, Zara Schneider (OE2007) gave a talk on her work in the Perinatal Mental Health Services where she reviews and accredits them, in addition to producing quality standards for them.

During her talk she took us to some dark places, but also explained the strategies professionals have in place so that they can do the amazing work they do while remaining objective. She also spoke about how mental health intersects with other factors such as gender and poverty, who it affects, and its economic impact.

Since leaving Emanuel, Zara has completed two masters degrees in Public Health and Health Research and is only a month away from submitting her PhD at Lancaster University while working full time in East London. Prior to the talk she was given a tour of the school (which has changed significantly since she left!) and met her former teachers - Mrs Morrison-Bartlett, Mr Gregory, Mr Andrews and her old form tutor, Mr King.

Miss Malik (Head of Careers)