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Maths in Industry - AECOM

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

The Mathematics department were pleased to recently invite two leading engineers from AECOM to deliver a talk to a group of aspiring year 10 and year 11 mathematicians.

Sarah Dean, a structural engineer, talked about her route into engineering and how she uses mathematics every day through modelling techniques and finite analysis. Some of her recent projects include the development of Hammersmith Town Hall and an innovative hexagonal-shaped building in the heart of the city.

Michael Houghton, a leading fire engineer, then talked about his route into engineering, which started from a very pure-based mathematical background. He discussed how mathematical modelling is used when designing a building to withstand fire emergencies and talked about a recent school project he has been working on.

The clear message from Sarah and Michael was how important mathematics has been in their careers and hopefully some of the students who listened have been inspired to consider a career in engineering or mathematics.

Mr Bishop (Head of Maths)