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Lower school literary quiz

This last week saw the Year 8 section of the fourth annual lower school literary quiz for the prestigious Neale Shield. Between Monday 28th January and the end of finals week on 1st March, over 900 questions will be asked over 18 quizzes to discover the latest Emanuel book quiz champions.

The Year 8 section was played in great spirits and even the forms who failed to qualify for finals week had a terrific time. On the final day, one of the Emanuel School governors came along to watch and she was amazed by the book knowledge of many of the pupils, especially Atitiya (8HEB) whom she thought was an incredible quiz player.   

The Year 7 section starts on Monday 4th February and the Year 6 section on Tuesday 12th of February. Finals week is after half-term.

Year 8 results

1st: 8HEB      13 pts                    83

2nd: 8LCC      13 pts                    63

3rd: 8MLR     10 pts                    42

4th: 8CY        7 pts                    35

5th: 8LAS      7 pts                    24

6th: 8SWJ     3 pts                      9

Mr Jones (Senior Librarian)