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Kids' Lit Quiz

On Monday we took eight pupils to the south London heat of the international Kids' Lit Quiz. For the 40 teams competing, a place in the UK National Finals was at stake, with the eventual UK winners heading off to Singapore for the International Finals next year. This heat is traditionally one of the biggest and most competitive in the country, and although we all had a great time, our teams failed to mix with the top teams.

The Emanuel 'A' team (Oscar, Emma, Attiya and Alex) finished a very respectable 10th, and were among the leaders for a fair bit of the intense 100-question competition with consistent scoring - until the poor use of their 'joker' on the double point round knocked them down the leader board in the final couple of rounds. However, they did win the Roald Dahl round with a maximum 10/10 and some individual book prizes. This was a brave effort from the ‘A’ team who were aiming for a top 10 finish or better.

The ‘B’ team consisted of Anabel, Isabelle and Imogen (year 7) and Hope (year 8), and although they scored well in many of the rounds they also used their ‘joker’ unluckily and finished in the bottom quarter. However, it was a great experience and I’m sure the year 7 girls will be keen to improve their standing next year.

All eight pupils were fantastic at Quiz Club practice and were terrific ambassadors for Emanuel School. Their enthusiasm was boundless, and it was a pleasure to have them in my team. The competition was eventually won by King's College School Wimbledon.

Quiz Club now takes a break and will return in 2019 when we start preparing for The CWIZZ; another annual quiz competition we enter, usually around April or May. Thankfully, The CWIZZ is easier than the Kids’ Lit Quiz and here are 10 sample questions to test your book quiz knowledge which came up last Monday. I never said it was easy….

1. Who supposedly wrote “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?”

2. In which novel do books spring from the page to terrorise Maggie and her father?

3. In Kim Slater’s novel “SMART” how did Scarface kill the old tramp?

4. What colour was the lotus in the “TinTin” books?

5. What is Gregg Heffley’s favourite colour?

6. In “The Hunger Games” which flower was Katniss’s sister named after?

7. What was the name of the hotel where Percy Jackson spent five days in the “Lightning Thief” novel?

8. Who fed her husband worms in his spaghetti?

9. Which author created Elfish as a language?

10. In Roald Dahl’s “Boy” in which country does he say his parents were born?

If you get five or more out of ten you’re doing well!

Click here to find out more about the Kids' Lit Quiz.

Mr Jones (Senior Librarian)