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Industry Champions

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

On 4th December, we were very fortunate to have 18 'industry champions' in school, helping out with our lower sixth Life Education programme.

Our industry champions are mainly parents of current students, who have very kindly agreed to give up their time and expertise in order to give students some help and advice in the area of industry that they specialise in. We had a wide range of expertise from industries including media, the arts, finance, science and marketing (to name just a few).

Each industry champion, together with a group of five or six students, were given some ice-breaker challenges to help them get to know one another. This was followed by a chance for the students to quiz their champion about their work; how they became successful in the industry; how to develop a career in that field, and so on. There were lots of really useful conversations taking place and important information being passed on. The objective is that by the end of the school year our students will have a much clearer understanding about which industry they are keen to become involved in and how to go about making the first steps to get involved.

The next event will take place on 5th February and the year culminates in the 'Entrepreneur and You' day in June.

Many thanks to all of the champions who have volunteered to take part in this programme. The students will undoubtedly have gained some really useful insights into what is required to become successful.

Mr Tong (Head of Innovation and Enterprise)