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House Film Competition

The nominations for this year's 'Emanuels', the annual house film competition, have been announced.

The films will be screened, and the winners announced at the awards ceremony next Tuesday (12th February) at 1.15pm in the Fiennes Theatre. This is open to all staff and students. The films are currently being judged by a panel of exceptional writers and filmmakers.

We have a very entertaining and varied selection of films in the competition this year. The nominations in each category are as follows:

Junior Category (left to right):

What if? (Lyons), Dr Strange: the return of Ebony Maw (Drake), The Symbiote (Drake)

Senior Category (clockwise from top left):

Every Monday Morning (Rodney), A Day in the Life of Me (Nelson), Followers (Marlborough), Your Typical House Assembly (Howe)

Media Club Category: (clockwise from bottom left):

The Adventures of Will the Window Cleaner, Hide and Seek, Trapped, The Murder, Apocalypse

Mr Skinner (Media Coordinator)