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Googolplex and more

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Last week, mathematician David Kelly came in to talk to an audience of 60 pupils about the googolplex and large numbers. He wrote a multiplication sum on half the white board and then wrote the same sum on the other half, but reversed the numbers. His theory was that the people with the sum in chronological order would get a larger result than the people with the sum reversed. Quite interestingly, his theory proved correct. He then talked about the probability of two football teams and the referee having the exact same birthday. Quite surprisingly it turned out to be around 50%. Afterwards, he talked about googol and googolplex - both extremely large numbers. A googol is 10 to the power 100, which contains 100 zeros. A googolplex is even bigger and is 10 to the power 10 to the power100. We also learnt that there are many infinities and it is not just one value. Overall the talk was very interesting and valuable.

Zeeshan and Ben (year 8)