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Film in a Week

The second week of the October half term break saw the school being used as a film location for a very exciting student project.

18 Emanuel students worked alongside students from one of our foundation schools (Westminster City School) on the ‘film in a week’ project. The group are producing a short film called ‘School’s Out’, which will be submitted for inclusion as part of an international apocalyptic feature film (entitled ‘The Impact’). 

The various scenes were excellently directed by Eleanor Horley, Natacha Simpson, Rudi Goodman, Hilla Sewell and Sophia Heinsius. Other students provided some fantastic performances, with Emma Fuller, Miranda Barclay and Thea Sewell taking the lead roles, acting alongside professional actors Harry Boyd and Harriet Benson.

This was a fantastic learning experience for all involved, and a testament to what can be achieved when working together as a team. Everyone involved should be very proud of what they have achieved. Special thanks to Amanda Kerstein, Wilson Lai, Mike Shetzer, Mandy Pattinson and all the other staff who allowed us to film in their rooms and made this project possible. We look forward to completing the film and showing it to everyone!

Mr Skinner (Media Coordinator)