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Exploring marine biology

On 31st January, marine biologist Roz Bown came to talk about her experiences as a marine biologist and what it takes to be successful. She showed us what steps we would need to take to prepare and what different skills you would need to have the best chance for a career in marine biology and gave us examples of different things that she had done in her career. These include getting a scuba licence in Tanzania during her gap year; volunteering on beaches in the Maldives to monitor turtle nesting; photographing blue whales in Sri Lanka and many other interesting adventures. She also shared her reasons and motivation for becoming a marine biologist and how it is important to have a goal in the job that you are doing, whatever the career.

There is no question that the talk was very inspiring and persuaded me to consider a career in marine biology. Thank you to Miss Malik, and most importantly to Roz, for such an informing talk.

James (lower sixth)