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A new charity initiative

We are very excited to debut our new charity initiative. Pupils in the lower and middle school who receive 10 commendations will see their head of year/section as normal, where, along with the normal reward, they will also be given a token to place in one of four tubes representing this year's school charities:

1. The Battersea Rise Foundation (supporting bursaries at Emanuel)

2. The Katherine Low Settlement (a community centre in the heart of Battersea)

3. St George's Hospital Charity (providing extra equipment for St George's and Queen Mary's hospitals)

4. Stem4 (a teenage mental health charity)

At the end of the year, the total number of tokens in each tube will be counted up and the charity money raised will be donated to each charity in proportion. The tubes are located at the bottom of the main steps outside the library to the left hand side. Any pupil who has already collected 10 commendations this term should collect a token from their head of year.

Mr Shetzer (Charity Coordinator)